Whoa. Its been a while

How are you doing?  It looks like its been quite some time since I’ve posted and people have asked me multiple times what I’m up to.

Here’s a quick rundown

I started the Jadu Developers Network, specifically for, well, um, Jadu CMS developers, yea I know, not really a creative title : http://jadudev.net

I’ve created a new product called conferenSpy, a type of concierge app for conference planners easing the mundane collection and maintenance of venue information, tracks, track leaders, presenters, presentation information, etc.   You can see a live session list for a past conference here Below is a screen shot of the main dashboard.

conferenSpy Dashboard


The best part is that its fully integrated into a mobile app for attendees to use throughout the conference.  Works offline and/or can sync automatically to update itself or on demand if necessary.

PABUG Home Screen PABUG Home Screen PABUG Slide Menu PABUG Floorplans PABUG About Screen

I’m also involved with SciTech High School in Harrisburg’s after school robotics program teaching kids to program using robotics.  The class is also involved in FIRST Robotics Competitions, and below is a picture of one of our bots climbing up “the mountain” and from one of the state qualifier competitions. You can see the mountain the bots have to climb.

robot climb  competition field Staging area




As a side project, I’ve built a home arcade system.  I LOVE classic arcade games, and now I can play anytime I want.

original cabinet side original cabinet control panel before buttonscontrol panel wiring  control panel buttons installed control panel installed

I had some guys over to play and realized that you couldn’t see the screen unless you were hovering over a shoulder.  For a couple people this isn’t a problem, but when you have 5 or 6 guys over to play, its fun to talk trash about whomever is playing at the time.  So I installed a 2nd monitor card and cloned the display 🙂

spectator monitor

I guess that’s about it for now.


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