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Laravel and CAS, the finale to my auth journey

Quick Background I’m sure most users won’t need to setup CAS, but I work for a college and we use CAS everywhere.  This means, that our custom applications have to as well. I started this journey yesterday, and was able … Continue reading

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The Laravel Service Container, not as scary as you think

Yea, it sounds scary when someone mentions the IoC or Service Container, but it is a really easy and elegant way to store classes, and other data to retrieve later throughout your app. I have a one-database multi-tenant app – … Continue reading

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Learning Laravel: (re)Building against a legacy database

My ConferenSpy rewrite project I mentioned in this post is using the MySQL database that existed for the original – still running and being used by clients – system.  Like the title above implies, I’m learning Laravel and I want … Continue reading

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Learning Laravel: dynamic domain control

EDIT: Fun fact.  Literally about 3 hours after I posted this, I learned this is called Multi-tenancy, which is what I’m describing below and how I achieved it my way as a Laravel newbie.  Now I’m seeing there is a … Continue reading

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FTC and Vuforia

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of an FTC robotics team and trying to figure out Vuforia.  It looks crazy intimidating, but it really isn’t that difficult to get setup and running.  Once its going, you can play … Continue reading

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Part 1 – The Idea : Adding Machine Learning to RT (Request Tracker)

We use RT, or Request Tracker from Best Practical, and it works very well.  The issues we have all stem from the people using it.  To give you some background, our department (Computing Services / ITS) is made up of 4 … Continue reading

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Whoa. Its been a while

How are you doing?  It looks like its been quite some time since I’ve posted and people have asked me multiple times what I’m up to. Here’s a quick rundown I started the Jadu Developers Network, specifically for, well, um, … Continue reading

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PASFAA 2014 Conference App

I’ve completed work on this year’s version of a conference app for‘s annual conference. This time around, I completely started over, built from the ground up to be a nice looking, functional and helpful app. The focus this year … Continue reading

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Titanium Alloy Newbie –

I’ve started playing with Titanium Alloy from Appcelerator.  There are some things that most tutorials don’t cover, and as I struggle through learning this I’ll post what I’ve learned.  Yes, these may seem silly once you know what you’re doing, … Continue reading

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Mavericks, XAMPP and Sendmail Oh My!

I develop web applications on my MacBook Pro.  I’ve recently upgraded to Mavericks and changed over from MAMP to XAMPP.  One thing that we all have to do at some point is create email notifications.  Whether that takes the form … Continue reading

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