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PASFAA 2014 Conference App

I’ve completed work on this year’s version of a conference app for‘s annual conference. This time around, I completely started over, built from the ground up to be a nice looking, functional and helpful app. The focus this year … Continue reading

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Titanium Alloy Newbie –

I’ve started playing with Titanium Alloy from Appcelerator.  There are some things that most tutorials don’t cover, and as I struggle through learning this I’ll post what I’ve learned.  Yes, these may seem silly once you know what you’re doing, … Continue reading

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iMessiah version 2.0 … waiting

I’ve just completed a very long overhaul of the Messiah College iOS app – iMessiah. Overhaul as in complete ground up rewrite with a new graphic design, and am now starting the Android tweaks to get it to function and … Continue reading

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TiWeather – app coolness

I had to display the weather – specifically a 5-day forecast – in an app I’m working on here at the college.  Instead of rolling my own, I went looking to see if anyone had already done this.  The only … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality using Appcelerator Titanium Starter

I just purchased this book by Trevor Ward, actually bought the bundle – eBook AND paper copy ($17.99 for both), because sometimes you just want to dog ear a page, read it on a plane during take off, or on … Continue reading

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Inspiration found

We all need it.  Sometimes we have it.  Sometimes we loose it.  Sometimes we find it in the oddest places.  I’m talking about that odd little feeling that can make the day fly by or drag on … inspiration. I’m … Continue reading

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Titanium Resources

Over the last 6 months, I’ve gotten into Titanium Mobile heavily.  I recently completed work on a  conference app for a client using Titanium and really love working with it. This was the 3rd app I’ve written (iMessiah / PABUG ), but first … Continue reading

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New Mobile App built

I’ve been working hard the last few months learning Titanium from Appcelerator.  Its a pretty amazing mobile sdk allowing you to build and deploy mobile apps using JavaScript as the core language.  When you run the app, it compiles to … Continue reading

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Appcelerator – a second chance

I subscribe to the TechZing podcast and the two hosts, Justin Vincent and Jason Roberts have used Appcelerator for a couple projects of theirs and talk about it in many of the older episodes.  I had tried Appcelerator on my … Continue reading

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