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Hello there, I’m Jonathan, aka “the Code Dog”.  I purchased this domain WAY back in 1999 in the dot com era.  I was working for a dot com and at that time we were building sites using Vignette, a “content management system”.  Essentially, that’s bull, it was a scripting / programming environment – there was nothing out of the box.  It was a TCL based system with tools to let you build / program sites, so that’s what we did.

Anyway, also at that time, there were no developer sites about Vignette.  No groups, no lists, no sites, no code repository, nothing that was not Vendor owned, so I started codeDog.net.   It became very popular among the Vignette developers and took off as the premier Vignette developer website.  I guess when you’re the only one, its premier by default, eh?

As time went on and the dot com bubble busted, the company I worked for also busted.  I kept the domain, because I was known as the Code Dog.  I’ve used the domain for various projects, testing, etc and now I figured, I could use it as a portfolio of sorts.  Post the things I’m doing, things I’ve learned etc.

If you were expecting things About Me on this page, I won’t disappoint.   I’m a programmer working at Messiah College in Grantham, PA.  I also am a partner with Arq Technologies, LLC a web design, content management and programming firm here in PA as well.  I enjoy programming and pushing the envelope with new technologies.  I consider myself a visionary, and think so far out of the box when tackling problems, people think I’m crazy sometimes.  My language of choice is PHP, although I also code in other ways (see below).

I’m a bit of a user interface snob I guess you can say. I don’t like lazy programmers, if it doesn’t work the way the users expects, its broken. And let me tell you – the user will use it in ways you never thought, clicking things you never expected, expecting things you never dreamed of.  Most of the times its ridiculously stupid, but might make sense in their mind, so you have to make compromises.

I also have another blog called “The World of Wheat” – don’t post to much anymore, figured I’d focus on this blog instead.  There are still some interesting posts there though, if I may say so myself.

Other tech bits about me –

Databases : Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL (cough cough)

Languages Spoken : PHP, ASP, PERL, Ruby, JAVA, XML, JavaScript, PL/SQL

Frameworks : JQuery, JQMobile, Yii, Grails, Mobile Connection, Rhodes (Rhomobile)

Favorite Framework : jQuery

Email Address : jonathan.wheat @ codedog.net

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