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Cooking with Laravel

I’ve recently added a new Laravel 4 book Laravel Application Development Cookbook written by Terry Matula and available from PacktPub to my library.  I would consider myself a very good PHP developer, and have been searching for a framework to … Continue reading

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Goodbye Save Button

I’ve always been amazed at web applications such as Asana, where in this case, you’re creating a project in a notepad fashion, not really viewing all the ugly squares on an underlying rigidly structured form.  You click, or press a … Continue reading

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PHP and Word’s special characters

Sick of users copying and pasting Word content into your web forms?  We all know you end up with all their special characters ending up as ? in your text.  This recently happened to me and I had to fix … Continue reading

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Best Mobile Development Tool … EVER

I read about this gem called TestFlight ( earlier this year, and never really gave it much thought.  I’m pretty busy and a ‘lone wolf’ developer, so typically send out screenshots during development to the client and sometimes do a face-to-face … Continue reading

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iMessiah version 2.0 … waiting

I’ve just completed a very long overhaul of the Messiah College iOS app – iMessiah. Overhaul as in complete ground up rewrite with a new graphic design, and am now starting the Android tweaks to get it to function and … Continue reading

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Peter and the Computer Fair

** UPDATE ** Peter won 1st place in the regional computer fair.  Now he moves on to compete at the State level in May   My son Peter has been working on a mobile app for computer fair.  He’s 15, … Continue reading

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MAMP – update phpMyAdmin

I have an older version of MAMP installed on my MacBookPro.  I have a couple hosting accounts and they both have a current version of phpMyAdmin installed.  The later versions allow click-to-edit-in-row data changes on the browse or search results … Continue reading

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Securing document pages in Jadu with phpCAS

I’ll skip the background, but what this post explains is how I secure individual document pages using phpCAS within a Jadu galaxy site. If you want the quick overview – you can watch the video here – If you want … Continue reading

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TiWeather – app coolness

I had to display the weather – specifically a 5-day forecast – in an app I’m working on here at the college.  Instead of rolling my own, I went looking to see if anyone had already done this.  The only … Continue reading

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CoronaGeek and Development

I like to play with mobile stuff… That said, I’m making my rounds with mobile development frameworks.  I’ve published apps with both Rhomobile and Titanium.  I was turned on to Corona SDK about 5 months ago by a friend that … Continue reading

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