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phpMyAdmin LogoI have an older version of MAMP installed on my MacBookPro.  I have a couple hosting accounts and they both have a current version of phpMyAdmin installed.  The later versions allow click-to-edit-in-row data changes on the browse or search results screens.  My local install does not, and it was getting annoying.

I tried something and it worked, which in hind sight seems pretty obvious, but figured I’d share it anyway.

Download a new version of phpMyAdmin

decompress it and leave the folder name as is for now (for me it was phpMyAdmin-3.5.6-english)

copy the directory and head over to your MAMP install to the bin directory

On my Mac, this is /Applications/MAMP/bin/

paste the new phpMyAdmin code tree into the bin directory

rename the current phpMyAdmin directory (conveniently named phpMyAdmin on my machine) to something like orig_phpMyAdmin

rename your new version (phpMyAdmin-3.5.6-english) to phpMyAdmin

enter the orig_phpMyAdmin directory and copy into the new directory.

That’s it.


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