Debug Certificate expired – ugh

I decided to complete an app I’ve been working on and post it to the Droid Market.  After makiing a few changes, I fire off the commands to compile it – rake run:android

after copiuos amounts of logging to the screen, I’m greeted with –

THIS TOOL IS DEPRECATED. See –help for more information.

Debug Certificate expired on 27.10.11 08:10
Error building APK file

Seriously?  Wonderful.

If or should I say WHEN you get this because apparently the debug certificates are valid for 365 days – here’s the solution –

Find and delete the file “debug.keystore”.  This is stored in your home directory under “~/.android” (OSX, Linux).  Similarly on Windows file resides in the “C:\Users\[user]\.android folder.

Just delete it, rm it, shred it, drag it to the trash, whatever.  Get it out of there.  A new one will regen much like I do in Black Ops when I get nailed by a zombie.  Its probably a good idea to do a rake clean:android as well, just to clean up from the failed compile, although this probably isn’t 100% necessary.

Now you’re good to go.






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