Patching Samigo

So along with mobile development and other programming tasks, I also manage Sakai (at least the backend code portion).  Luckily I have a co-worker that deals with the user end of things.

With the release of 2.7 many sakai projects are being moved out of the core svn code tree and becoming ‘indie’ projects.  These projects are still included in the OOTB Sakai build, but they get pulled down and compiled during the main sakai build / deploy process.  In one aspect it makes it nice, because there’s less source code to wade through when looking for things.  On the other hand (which is actually the important hand) it makes it close to impossible to patch a bug, or add a custom mod to one of these projects if you don’t under stand this new architecture because the source is no where to be found.

This recently happend to me (had to patch Samigo – aka Tests & Quizzes) and it took a good long while to figure out what to do.  Here is a great article on what the new indie project process is like (thanks to my co-worker for sending me this link).  While that does a good job outlining how it all works and overall what you need to do, sometimes a newbie needs a hand held during the process.  I like to hold hands – so here’s what I’ve done.

Couple notes about my architecture :

  • I’m using Sakai 2.7.1 on Linux.
    • While windows processes _should_ be similar – I’m sure there will be some slight differences that I’m not aware of.
  • I have my sakai source located in /home/sakai/sakai
    • the first sakai in the path is the local user
  • Tomcat is located here in /home/sakai/tomcat


Remove Current Samigo Files

cd ~/sakai
rm -rf .m2/repository/org/sakaiproject/samigo
rm -rf tomcat/shared/lib/samigo-*
rm -rfd tomcat/webapps/samigo-app*

**for grins I logged into Sakai and clicked Tests & Quizzes
to make sure the tool was gone.
If you get an error – this is a good thing.

Pull Down Samigo for 2.7.1

svn co sam
cd sam
mvn clean install sakai:deploy
**now check to see if Tests & Quizzes work, log in and enter a site and click
   Tests & Quizzes  - this should be working


Now Patch Samigo

Yea, remember what got me started on this ?  I needed to patch Samigo with the patch here

Dowload the patch and get it to your sakai machine   … somehow.

place it into your sam directory

cd ~/sakai/sam
patch -p0 < SAM-964.patch

follow the prompts

mvn clean install sakai:deploy

test to make sure the patch is there and working.

Pour yourself a drink, you’re done.

The process is actually easier than it originally sounds.  You can easily see how part 1 can apply to any indie project – you just create a new directory and pull the source down.  Just be sure to remove the current files from tomcat and your .m2 repository or else its possible if you do a big sakai deploy your changes may be overwritten.

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One Response to Patching Samigo

  1. Dragos says:

    Had no idea about the new architecture regarding projects. Was looking for the source code and trying to apply the patch.

    Saved my day.

    many thanks

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