Base SDK Missing

If you ‘play’ around in XCode, chances are you’ve seen this “Base SDK Missing” message in your project. ┬áThis happens to me almost every time I try to use someone else’s sample project or demo app I’ve pulled, even sample apps from Apple.

There are two things you can check / change to make this go away and allow you to build your project :

Project | Edit Project Settings | General tab

– look at the Base SDK for all Configurations setting near the bottom of that screen – chances are it’ll be set to a version you do not have installed for one reason or another. Set it to iPhone Simulator 4.0 (or whatever version you have)

– this will also fix any missing libraries that display in red in your project files when the sdk is missing.

Now change to the Build tab (sometimes this works** see further below if it doesn’t)

– Look at the Base SDK – and if it does not match the option you set above, change it (iPhone Simulator 4.0)

** I think last time I did this, it actually did list iPhone Simulator on the build tab and I STILL saw the missing SDK message.

If after doing the above, you still see the Base SDK Missing message do this as well –

Project | Edit Active Target “yourAppName” | Build tab

– change Base SDK on that screen to iPhoneSimulator 4.0 – apparently these settings are separate configs.

This should now add a base sdk to your project dropdown, any missing libraries will now be linked and you’ll be able to build your app.

One further Note – obviously if you’re wanting or needing 4.1 or greater – set it to that instead of iPhone Simulator 4.0


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